i met you in the soul garden


“I met you in the soul garden, where time and distance and pain are as easily brushed aside as cobwebs by the hand of a giant.
You were leaning against the bright-fruited tree, one hand in your pocket. Your smile could’ve lit the whole world five times over. Your eyes were jewels set in the beauty of your face.
You didn’t know my name. It didn’t matter. Written on my soul you saw my story and you took my hand.
You led me to where the waterfall raced and laughed, to the place where the grass was knee-high and almost too green to seem real. You danced with me where the stars met the sky, and you showed me how the sun rises a hundred different times on the same day, depending where you are.
You told me that time is nothing more than a soft ticking in a glass case; that it only means what we believe it does.
You proved to me that the distance between two people who love each other is never more than a heartbeat.
And then, in the soul garden, you looked me in the eyes and you said
“The pain. It gnaws at your bones, it digs into you. Sometimes it feels as though it is tearing you apart. It is a dark creature but the human soul is made of light, so it can never harm you…it can never even reach you unless you let it in. And even if you do, you will find that it will make you stronger. The human spirit will always find hope in the shadows. It can gather wisdom and grace in the unlikeliest of places.
The strongest friendships and the bravest hearts are formed by adversity. Nobody ever truly learned to love without first walking with loss.
Remember, always, that there is something indomitable in who you are. When you know that, you will understand that everything is going to be alright.”
I met you in the soul garden, I found you there.”
– Sarah-Louise Jordan


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