climbing mountains


i was all state in 4 sports in high school.  & had scholarship offers in all of them.  i 1st started showing what i now know to be ME symptoms in high school.  i was lucky in that things followed a relapsing remitting course.  but i started cutting things out in college.  to lighten my load.

i still traveled the US.  hiked mountains.  the grand canyon.  i played high level sports.  still able to walk my dog until 2 years ago.  even though i was clearly declining.  with my mystery disease.

the 1st year severe, i could do stairs.  & bathe or shower.  a year ago when the rest of my life fell apart, i sank deeper into ME.   i had to make the living room my bedroom.  those stairs there – may as well be to the moon..  i still crawled up them for awhile to bathe.  until i relapsed in the winter on a drug.  & i lost the ability to safely do the stairs & bathe.  since ME has a payback if you go past your limits.  & it can be fierce.  & short term or long term.. or permanent.

today, i decided to climb the mountain..  & to bathe.  been making do with sponge baths.  i can’t tell you how huge & glorious it felt to do this.  & to see the view from the 2nd floor again.    i was very careful.  but given how ill i am, i know this put me outside my limits.  so already i am in flu like post exertional pain. which i hope it is brief & doesn’t worsen.

next time you shower or bathe – know what a true & glorious thing that is…    & keep your fingers crossed for me.  maybe, if i am lucky, i will be allowed more mountains to climb to get to waterfalls.
& to see the tree tops again.

(i should note, that i have word out trying to find a safe small one floor rental to live in.  i jointly own this big old beautiful home with my ex.  it really deserves a nice family.  there are so many beautiful features & windows – old wavy glass 1920s era – just glorious.   i have been blessed to have it as my home for 6 years.) IMG_6744


5 thoughts on “climbing mountains

    • hi, suzanne.. i hardly know my way around here myself. thanks.. for both the prayers & hopes for quick recovery. & for the work you do on behalf of all of us. it truly touches my heart & matters so much. ❤


  1. Climbing mountains, small hills or even stairs can feel victorious. Happy you are able to tap into that wonderful feeling that so often eludes us in chronic illness. Hoping the pay back is not too hard.

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