“Incarnation,” by guest writer Stacy Moore – “Who but You?” singleton series


Who but You?

Image from http://www.classicharpsnw.com/ Image from http://www.classicharpsnw.com/

I.  A flicker of movement in midair as I passed.  Another one, frantic.  In the corner between two retaining walls hung a mess of a black widow’s web.  A whiptail lizard had caught upside down.  She was just a baby, maybe two inches long, her tail a bright blue.*  The web flashed in and out of shadow as she struggled to break free.

I found a juniper twig in the parking lot’s landscaping, tore into the web, and lifted the lizard to the top of the wall at my waist.  The web hadn’t come away cleanly, though, and the lizard’s tail dragged a sticky weight of dead leaves and candy wrappers.  Her movement hindered, she was easy pickings for the first predator to come along.

I poked at the mess with the twig, trying to pry it away.  I ended up dragging the lizard on her belly…

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4 thoughts on ““Incarnation,” by guest writer Stacy Moore – “Who but You?” singleton series

  1. this made me smile, dear friend. & this is how i feel about you ❤ so grateful for you & for the eloquent way you speak of your own experiences & take them into the realm of the universal. (i just wrote that with a concrete head- minus any chickens..)

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