don’t let us get sick

some weeks, some days,  some hours, some minutes…. are easier than others.  on these days that i am so ill that all i do is lie under the symptoms, it can be so hard to endure.  & being so alone is so hard as well.  i have so little human contact.  sometimes, even if i can’t talk, it would be so nice to have someone sit with me.  it’s impossible to describe what ME is like & what it is like to belong to no one.  every day i give thanks for the few people who have remained in my life.  & who help me to survive by providing basic needs like food.  & pay the bills.  & take me to doctor’s appointments.

my dog has been gone all week as well with her no longer new family.  i miss her.  & that’s hard, but i am grateful i have her when they are at work.  just having another living being in the house helps me.

now i head back into nothingness as i get ready for bed.  bow my head.  give thanks for another day.  & another night. on this earth.  amen.

Photo on 2015-11-28 at 10.31

“just make us be brave, make us play nice, let us be together tonight…”


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