what to do when you are afraid


“…The best we can do in loving others is wheel each other as far as possible and be there when our loved ones return. But the work that changes our very lives, the work that yields inner transformation, the work that allows us to be reborn within the same skin must always be done alone. This is the work of solitude, and the sharing of what we each discover in our solitude is the work of education, and the wisdom by which we weave that inner knowledge and that compassion—this is the work of community…”

“…I stand before you, humbled, a Lazarus of sorts, and I don’t pretend to know half of what has happened to me, except for the realization that loving is the courage to hold each other as we break and worship what unfolds.”.

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2 thoughts on “what to do when you are afraid

  1. There have been plenty of those alone times for me, wrestling with the traumas of life, and yes no one can get down and dirty with you in that …..with the exception of God. Without Him as my rock in those times….. I would not .. .. want to think …….

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