being sick begins a war…


“Being sick begins a war that requires determination and skill. It is a war with pain, with fatigue, with doctors and insurance companies, with all who do not believe such a well-looking person can possibly be ill. It is also a war with the self. There is an assumption of choice – that with enough effort this illness can be made to go away. But at some point the body is weary and a decision must be made. Continue the fight or surrender. It takes a very long time to make peace with the truth that the illness, this particular illness, is not going to go away. Not anytime soon. Not with the treatment available now. It takes a very, very long time to accept the irony that winning the war requires embracing the enemy. With the embrace comes a real choice: the choice to fight not against the illness, but for the self. The choice to build a life with meaning – even if that life contains illness. Once this peace is made the war ends and reconstruction can begin.” – Joy Selak and Stephen Overman


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