here is what i know…


“…here’s what I know – we are always shown the way forward. We may not want to take the path, we may wish it would be easier, but we are always shown the way. You have to look for the lost light and follow where it leads. By that I mean you have to search out the good and the beautiful. You have to listen to that quiet whisper of influence that even now in the midst of everything is still trying to reach you. To hear it, you have to be willing to sit with everything, let everything in and be true with it all. Resist the urge to intensify some thoughts and feelings over others – let things be what they are, simply watch them, be an observer to your experience as much as possible. When you do that, you’ll find that beauty is still there, love, in all it’s forms is still there and it will show you the way.”
– michelle ihm


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