yes, but what else


” I know I’ve shared this with you before, that Buddhist teaching : That which you pay attention to is what your life will be. So when I ask myself, “yes, but what else”, I’m asking myself to pay attention to beauty and love and all the simple pleasures and to not get so locked into my physical wellbeing.”
-michelle ihm

IMG_0557      IMG_0553



2 thoughts on “yes, but what else

  1. I think part of the key to staying sane while living with this chronic illness that takes so much away is consciously looking for moments of Beauty and Grace.
    We are blessed with time. Time to reflect, time to really see this gorgeous world, to stop and appreciate those moments when they come.

    The flight of a hawk, the way the sun shines thru leaves, the delicate veins on a flower, the perfection that makes the deer in the yard a perfectly wonderful deer, the soft fur of a beloved dog…
    Grasp the moment, and hold on, with Gratitude.

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  2. this is beautifully stated & key… moments of beauty & grace.. i’m trying to still find those even though i spend so much time in nothingness.. with my bandana over my eyes.. but just now the sound of a red wing black bird. ❤

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