quarried light



“A lot of the experiences that we have in the world are torn, broken, hard experiences, and in broken, difficult, lonesome experiences you earn a quality of light that is very precious. I often think of it as quarried light. When you come through a phase of pain or isolation or suffering, the light that is given to you at the end of that is a very precious light, and really when you go into something similar again, it is the only kind of light that can mind you. It is the lantern that will bring you through that pain. One of our difficulties in contemporary culture is this massive amnesia. We forget so much because we are addicted to the moment. If sad, difficult things have happened to you, and you have earned quarried light, again and again you should visit the light, and almost like the light around the tabernacle that signals the presence, you should allow that light to come round you to awaken the presence that is in you, to calm you, to bring you contentment, and as well to bring you courage.” ~ John O’Donohue, “Walking On The Pastures Of Wonder” (official release date: March 26, 2015, Ireland only) — US, UK, EU release dates yet to be determined.

Photo “Marks of the Infinite” (C) Fe Langdon. All rights reserved. Used by permission. http://flic.kr/p/6Pk7cX


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