the thing that breaks you open


“Here’s what’s really worth knowing right now – maybe the most important thing – this will not last. The breaking apart, the shattering does end and then you rise again. You rebuild. Yes, a different self, but in a weird way, a more, truer you. If that makes any sense. Illness is a monster that comes raging into your life. It strips you of so many things. Things you feel you can’t possibly live without, until you do. You do live without them, and you realize it takes away everything inconsequential leaving only the most essential part of who you are. That’s the gift of it. I know you can’t see that right now, but even this terrible, heartbreaking shattering experience brings a gift.
Mark Nepo says. ‘The thing that breaks you open is not as important as what it breaks open.’ ”
~ michelle ihm


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