I waited before the world was dark again

“I waited before the world was dark again before I greeted it properly.
I let it put on its star speckled robes and make itself pretty, with the moon for a hair clip
Before I acknowledged it was there.
“Oh you look lovely tonight” I told it, as I shut the curtains firmly,
Playing hard to get with the night.
I treated my alarm as a suggestion.
As a shrill question I had no desire to answer.
I silenced it, though it implored me querulously to begin.
I climbed back into my dreams, instead, through the window I had left open.
There, I sat at an imagined computer and an imagined old oak desk and made dream poetry.
I wrote
“I long for you like the sky longs for rain”
And blushed a little,
My hands flourishing along the keys with a spring in their step.
Then, I got up and put an axe neatly between the eyes of a passing zombie and returned to my fanciful words, as though everything was exactly as it should be.
My first thought when I woke up was
“Perhaps it is”. ”

– Sarah-Louise Jordan


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